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Wetherby 10k: 8 Sep



Latest Race Activity

18 Feb

parkruns -  

  • Nostell [84]

  • Pontefract [7]

  • Huddersfield [1]

  • Thurrock [1]

  • Killarney [1]

19 Feb

  • Peco #4 [42]

  • Wombwell 5m [2]

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Success Stories


5k Gavin Walker (19:01), Joe Worthington (19:54), Janet Illingworth (21:54), Amanda Wilson (24:54), Charlotte Smith (25:14) - Nostell parkrun


Course Best: Sarah Hunter (21:25), (Tyler Starks (21:36), Martin Wincer (22:20), Ruth Walker (25:44), Iain Wood (28:29), Lesley Needham (28:53), Dawn Guttridge (29:29), Christine Hall (33:56) - Nostell parkrun


Year Best 5k: Simon Newton (18:00), Ian Richardson (18:49), Gary Turner (19:06), Bradley Walker (19:23), Glenn Cracknell (21:29), Kevin Guttridge (21:50), Jonathan Routledge (23:04), Kevin Chippendale (23:15), Gail Wrangles (23:47), Denise Clark (24:18), Paul Zywicki (24:48),  Terry Mottram (25:14), Ian Vogan (25:18), Sarah Wilkinson (25:23), Roy Simpson (25:48), Graham Beardsley (26:17), Roy Young (26:31), Nicolas Daudet (26:42), David Cooper (26:59), Catherine Warren (27:11), John Grove (27:13), Maya McCormack (27:50), Caroline Copeland (28:12), Paul Gallagher (28:30), Stewart Haigh (28:32), Sarah Turner (28:41), Diane Widdowson (28:46), Martin Bellas (29:12), Wendy Berry (29:50), Sarah Bailey (30:56), Amanda McKinnell (31:12), Julie Baker (31:57), Louise Bella (32:24), Georgi Newton (32:31), Gill Hardong 932:49), Debbie Worthington (33:13), Tracy Bridgett (36:20), Susan Grove (36:53), Gary Wilson (37:12), Elizabeth Hull (42:58) - at Nostell parkrun.

Adrian Leach (22:04), Jeff Denton (28:37), Lisa Smith (47:04) - Pontefract parkrun.

Terry Sinar (21:54) - Killarney parkrun

Ashley Tazzyman (33:23) - Thurrock parkrun.

The first event of the 2016/17 season is on 27 November at Temple Newsam. This does however clash with the Barnsley 10k - a Grand Prix event. There is nothing we can do about this so its down to individual choice. Other dates are 18 December, 22 January, 19 February and 5th March.

Monsal Trail Half Marathon 26 Mar

(Posted 18 Feb )

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Ackworth Half Marathon 17 April

(Posted 5 Feb)

We are pleased to announce that our event has again been chosen by the  Yorkshire Vets AA as their Half Marathon Championship 2017. Vet Members entering the race will be included in the Championship - trophies in all Vets categories


Entries have now opened  - online only - through Racebest. Click Here




Annual General Meeting: 23rd Feb

(Posted 20 Feb)

Reminder that this year's AGM will be held at the Rustic pub in Low Ackworth after training on Thursday. Everyone invited to attend but only those who have paid their subs are allowed to vote on motions.

Free chip butty irrespective of whether subs paid (for first 60!)

Awards Night

(Posted 5 Feb)

It's fair to say that everyone enjoyed the evening including the last minute cabaret for the Awards presentation!. Dancing skills were at a record high with superb contributions from one or two!


Manty thanks to Burntwood Hotel for coping with us all and the quality of the food and service.


For the award recipients who couldn't make it in the night, they will be available for presentation at the Nostell parkrun on 18 Feb - our first parkrun Grand Prix event of the year.

Race Number Swapping

(Posted 8 Feb)

The Club is aware that when members are unable to compete in a race they have entered for whatever reason, numbers have sometimes been offered for sale or transfer on social media.

Running a race using somebody else's number without informing the organiser is strictly prohibited. Members should only swap numbers with the prior consent of the race organiser.

While some events allow transfers, many expressly prohibit them. There have been recent examples of event organisers identifying swapped numbers via social media sites and making subsequent disqualifications.

Running in somebody else's name, apart from being against the rules, damages the integrity of the results, can affect team results and age category winners and have health and safety implications in the event of an accident.  If a runner collapsed wearing someone else’s number, the organisers would not be able to identify that runner and contact their next of kin.

Any member known to run in another runner's number may be subject to race sanctions. You could also be banned from taking part in other races. If you are in breach of the laws relating to number swapping or indeed any other in the rulebook, the race organiser can report you to England Athletics.

Athletes who run in transferred numbers in licensed road races without permission can be disqualified. Both they and those who pass on the number can be subject to disciplinary action via the appropriate national organisation.

If you have entered an event but can’t compete for whatever reason:

•Check with the race organisers to see if they will legally transfer your number to another athlete (some may charge a small administrative cost).


•If the event prohibits transfers, then members should abide by the rules and not offer their numbers for sale or transfer.


The Club reserves the right to remove any post on the ARR Facebook page offering numbers for sale or transfer for events where this is not permitted.

Yorkshire Vets XC Championships

4 Mar

(Posted 5 Feb)

This is being held at the Northern Racing College, Rossington Doncaster. This is open to Men over 40 and women over 35. Entries close 23 Feb.

Much more information HERE and HERE

If you want to enter (£6) please let Gail/Denise/Tim know asap.


Entries will be sent to the organisers on Tuesday.

Contact Stewart BEFORE then if you want to go.


At last night's Committee Meeting it was agreed that Grand Prix event points would not be awarded where members had run using someone else's race number. 

Nostell parkrun 18 Feb

(Posted 20 Feb)

84 members plus about 6 volunteers turned out at Nostell. It was a great success with "club" competition resulting in 5 new pbs, 8 new course best and 40 year best times! It was also our youngest lady members 15th birthday - congratulations Alice Copeland.

Peco #4 19 Feb - Barnbow (Crossgates)

(Posted 20 Feb)

Another great attendance with 42 members and 6 volunteer marshals. It must have been the best value 'Mud run' ever - just £3 including food, pot of tea for 50p including a choice of bun, pls all the mud you could carry back home! This was a tough run! Well done at all  - from Charlie Lines and Sarah Hunter leading our teams home to Tom Camponi, Lesley Needham and Sue Naylor who finished with smiles and a sprint.


Grand Prix Tables

(Posted 20 Feb)

Following the weekend's races, tables have been updated. Check out who's settig the early pace - but a long way to go!

If your name is not listed - its because you haven't scored yet! If its not there and you have - let us know!

Spring Handicap Wednesday 29 Mar)

(Posted 20 Feb)

Our annual quick trip aling the M62 to our friends at Goole Viking Striders has now been confirmed. It's the first week of the lighter evenings - a chance to celebrate the inset of Spring.

Its a flat course -and the distance is within everyone's capability. Put the datein your diary - more info as we get nearer the day.