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Wetherby 10k: 8 Sep


Latest Race Activity

6 Oct


  • Nostell [28]

  • Normanby Hall [26]

  • Pontefract [19]

  • Wakefield Thornes [3]

  • Barnsley [2]

  • River Valley [1]

  • Upton Court [1]

  • Sale Water [1]

  • Selby [1]


  • Dolores 7k (Spain) [2]

7 Oct

  • Chester Marathon [4]

  • Keilder Marathon [1]

  • Chicago Marathon [1]

  • Hedgehog Half [4]

  • Rochdale Half [2]

  • Bridlington Half [1]

  • North Beeston 10k [1]

  • Sheffield Tententen 10k [1]

If your result isn't shown please email:

The first event of the 2016/17 season is on 27 November at Temple Newsam. This does however clash with the Barnsley 10k - a Grand Prix event. There is nothing we can do about this so its down to individual choice. Other dates are 18 December, 22 January, 19 February and 5th March.



(Posted 10 Oct)

The running community has a proud record of helping fellow runners. This was demonstrated in the best form when two of our members took leading roles in going to the assistance of a participant who sufferered a heart attack in the Pontefract Half Marathon. Kirsty Shepherd was fortunately in the right place at the right time as a spectator and Tom Camponi was running alongside him. Fortunately Kirsty is a nurse and with the help of Tom and others they were able to carry out CPR until an ambulance arrived. The outcome was the guy has survived and recovering well.


Message from Ron Needham  - race referee and UKA's Adjudicator:

" As you may know, one participant collapsed with a suspected cardiac arrest. He’s apparently now on the road to recovery, thanks largely to the actions of a couple of bystanders and a fellow runner who dropped out of the race to help with life saving CPR. I believe the runner is called Tom Camponi. I spoke with him momentarily after the event and I’m pretty sure he was wearing an Ackworth vest. If he is an Ackworth member, and if you know him, I’d be very grateful if you could pass on to him my personal thanks as the UKA official at the event, for his prompt and unselfish actions in going to the aid of a fellow runner. The club should be very proud of him. Best Wishes, Ron

Ackworth Half Marathon & Priory 10k Entries Now Open

Committee Meeting 4 Sep (Posted 12 Sep)

Want to know what your committee is up to? Summary of latest meeting available to read HERE

Autumn Handicap 5m 11 Sept (Posted 12 Sep)

Bit of a hiccup with the results due to several starting in the early wave instead of the mass start - but hopefully all now resolved!

It was a tight finish with just 32 seconds separating the top 5. The winner by just 2 seconds was .... Emma Aldred who has just transferred to us as a First Claim member - a great way to celebrate. 2nd was Sarah Boylen (Bailey) and 3rd Emma Evans, just 8 seconds behind Emma. The winner of the 1st male was Ron Dyson who was 2:21 under handicap time.

In total, 45 of the 103 runners equalled or bettered their handicap time.

View results HERE.


Handicap Series 2018  (Posted 14 Sep)

This years trophy winners are:

Males: 1st. Ian Stancliffe 2nd Richard Smart 3rd. Joe Worthington.

Females: 1st. Sarah Boylen 2nd. Andrea Scully 3rd. Debbie Sidwell

Congratulations to them.

A year of record support with 166 members participating in one or more events.

Full final placings available HERE

2019 Awards Dinner Dance (Posted 24Sep)

Advance notice of our gala night out at Burntwood - Friday 8th February.

Peco Cross Country Series (Posted 10 Oct)

Peco Cross Country Race 1: Middleton Woods (Posted 30 Sep)

The first of this year's races is at Middleton Woods, Leeds on 25 November. We have been asked to provide marshals to assist. Get a ringside seat to experience the pleasure others have in competing in a cross country. Email the club if you can help.

Our Good Samaritans

(Posted 3 Oct)

New PBs:


  • Dave Allison 23:07 (Normanby Hall)

  • Amie Gowing 23:39 (Pontefract)

  • Paul Haslam 23:43 (Pontefract)

  • Jade Seal 27:29 (Normanby Hall)

  • Lynne Owen 28:55 (Normanby Hall)

  • Alison John-Baptiste 34:52 (Normanby Hall)

Half: (Hedgehog)

  • John Hawley 2:10:56

  • Alison John-Baptiste 2:55:16

  • Samantha Dimmock 3:34:27

  • Lorraine Hawley 3:42:17


  • Sarah Hunter 3:23:37 (Chester)

  • Sarah Rose 4:08:51 (Chester)

  • Rose Wigglesworth 4:52:16 (Keilder)


Year Best 5k (All Normanby Hall)

  • Martin Wincer 22:11

  • Julie Stafford 22:57

  • John Knowles 25:07

  • Richard Bailey 26:00

  • Debbie Maclam 30:19

  • Graham Beardsley 30:48

  • Stephen Berry 30:59


Course Best:

  • Aaron Gill 22:42 (Pontefract)

This years Registration opens on 15 October, A link to the entry pages on Racebest will appear shortly on the Peco Web Site. There will be options for both seniors and juniors to enter either the whole series by buying a 'season ticket' or  just to enter Race 1 (individual entries for races 2-5 will appear in due course)

Winter Handicap 10m/5m Sunday 13 January 2019 (Posted3 Oct)

Keep your diary free for the first of next year's first Handicap run - 10m with an option of 5m for newer runners. We will start and finish at the Cricket Club. More details in due course.

Grand Prix Tables

(Posted 3 Oct)

All updated following Pontefract Half - click here

Age Graded Awards

(Posted 3 Oct)

For the benefit of newer members - Age Graded Awards are presented to members who complete a 10k, 10m and half marathon race in the calendar year. Any organised race counts. There are 7 levels of awards based on the average age performance factor (%) achieved over your best results for the 3 distances. These are calculated using tables produced by World Masters Athletics and generally used in the sport. You can see your WVA score on parkrun results and other races. These are calculated on your age and gender. Whereas these use full years eg 37, we calculate your age on race day to 2 decimal points  eg 37.46 to produce more accurate results.

So far, 98 members have qualified for awards - which are presented at our Awards Night in February. There's still time to qualify or achieve a higher level award. You can check your stats HERE