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There are 4 races in the year, one for each season to provide a variety of conditions. They are open to all club members and the handicap system will hopefully allow everyone to compete on a "level playing field" basis.


The Spring and Summer Handicaps are held jointly with our friends at Goole Viking Striders -on an away and home basis.


Trophies are awarded for each event to the first man and first woman performing best relative to their target time. In addition the best performance overall in the Winter event will hold the Phil Ryder Memorial Shield for a year and the Multi-terrain winner, the Alan Richardson Memorial Shield


Prior to each event, the club handicapper will assess the time each runner should take to complete the course based on information gathered from race results. It is not possible to reflect current or recent injuries!

Series Scoring

Points will be awarded on a similar basis to the Grand Prix Series with the person performing best against their handicap time receiving 50 points, the next 49 etc. The minimum score will be 10 points. There are separate Male/Female Tables.

A points table will be published after each run.

Trophies will be awarded for each League.

Handicap Series 2018

Winter Spring Summer Autumn Males Table Females Table

2018 Series Final Tables