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Grand Prix Series



Maximum of 10 best scores to count - subject to satisfying minimum and maximum requirements in each group. Eg if no score in Group 3, the maximum possible scoring events is 9.

Our Year Long Competition

There are 4 Divisions again for 2016 based on best 5k times in 2015 or if no times available - by best guess based on other indicators!


  • Div 1: Sub 22 mins

  • Div 2: 22 - sub 25 mins

  • Div 3: 25 - sub 28 mins

  • Div 4: 28 mins or above


Points will be awarded for each event for overall positions - irrespective of which Division you are in.

There is a separate Womens Open League plus Men and women Vets Leagues. the latter will use WAVA Age Adjusted times and be for M40 and F35 upwards only (age category on the day of the event).

2016 Leagues

The 2016 Leagues are strictly based on your 2015 stats therefore there is no promotion and relegation based on finishing positions.


Check out which League you are in by clicking the link below.

2016 Tables

Virtually every running club will have a Grand Prix Series of races throughout the calendar year designed to encourage members to race over a wide range of distances. The events we select tend to be more local, although there are exceptions, and none are included where entry is difficult or over-expensive. Club comaraderie benefits from large numbers turning out in their club vests - join in and enjoy our days out.

Events are spead throughout the year - you don't have to do them all, but the more you enter - the higher your points total will be. you can have joined the club partwat through the year and still have a chance of success.


Every club member is included - if for any reason you don't want to be - just let us know.

2016 Leagues


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