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Ackworth Half Marathon 17 April 2017 9:30 am

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Probably the Best Half Marathon Anywhere on Easter Monday!

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The Spring race calendar is tradionally very busy but where can you find one on Easter Monday? You don't have to look too far - we are easy to reach for most of the Yorkshire area being just a couple of miles to the south of Pontefract.


Our venue is easy to spot - just look for a water tower at the top of the hill - loads of parking on site.

Our Course

We start at the top of a hill - and finish at the top of a hill! The views are great!

Road closures will be in effect to cover the first 3 miles from the start and in other sections. Mostly we follow quiet country roads through villages. The course isn't entirely flat with one challenging hill when leaving Wentbridge (at about 4.5 miles - so you are fully warmed up by then!). Check out the Course Map.


Due to the fact that a substantial part of the course is open to traffic and the nature of the course, in accordance with England Athletics Guidance we have to insist on a NO HEADPHONES RULE. Please help in making this a safe and enjoyable event for all and don't wear them. We're a friendly bunch and our marshals will be talking to you frequently.

Please be aware that we will look at disqualifying runners who flout this rule.

This year we will probably have the best weather ever!

Last year there was a drop of rain before the start creating a number of 'in road' ponds enabling runners to finish with clean trainers. The year before a gentle breeze got up as the race finished and we had to hold onto our marquee. This year must be better - but if it isn't our marshals will be just as cheerful and be encouraging to everyone who passes. Come along and enjoy the experience.


Entries are all online through Racebest. The race capacity is 500 - don't miss out!

Half Marathon