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Wetherby 10k: 8 Sep



Latest Race Activity

8 Oct:

parkruns -

  • Nostell [42]

  • Pontefract [13]

  • Brighouse [1]

  • Scunthorpe [2]

  • Wetherby [1]

  • Leicester Victoria [2]


9 Oct:

  • Tissington Trail Half Marathon ([48]

  • Yorkshire Marathon[11]

  • Yorkshire 10m [5]

  • James Dingwall 10k [1]


15 Oct:

  • parkruns -

  • Nostell [41]

  • Pontefract [12]

  • Wakefield Thornes [1]

  • Barnsley [1]

  • Market Harborough [2]

  • Sewerby [1]

  • Rushcliffe [1]

  • Clumber park [3]

  • Skipton [1]

  • Fell Foot [1]

  • Uditore (Palermo Sicily) [3]


  • Autumn 100 Miler [1]


16 Oct:

  • Bridlington Half Marathon [1]

  • Clumbder park 10k [2]

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Photo Courtesy of Graham Beardsley

Success Stories

New PBs:

5K: Mick Wigglesworth (0:19:22); Rebecca Richards (25:37); Andrew Wilkinson (25:52); Mandy Carolan (28:48) - Nostell parkrun 8 Oct); Chris Sharp (22:55) - Pontefract parkrun 8 Oct.

10m: Glenn Cracknell (1:08:55); Emma Evans (1:12:03)

Half: Ian Richardson (1:19:24), Becci Winter (1:22:27), Ruch Ritucci (1:25:17), Tim Ashby (1:25:47), Simon Bennett (1:30:07), Joe Worthington (1:30:16), Craig Tipton (1:31:15),

David Hughes (1:31:24), Janet Illingworth (1:32:27), Martin Wincer (1:36:36), Will Walker (1:38:52), Julie Stafford (1:38:24), Donna Bailey (1:40:22), Sandy George (1:45:25); Terry Mottram (1:45:30), Sue Eaton (1:47:42), Paul Zywicki (1:48:07 - Decade), Amie Gowing (1:52:31), Amanda Wilson (1:53:13), Pam Ritucci (1:53:48), Ruth Walker (1:55:42), Janet Barr (1:59:04), John Grove (1:59:31), Vicki Wathey (2:00:49), Aleks Kubasiak (2:02:55), Sarah Turner (2:03:50), Georgie Kidd (2:05:56), Gill Harding (2:18:55), Debbie Worthington (2:40:12), Susan Grove (2:57:21), Gary Wilson (2:58:54), Sarah Whiteman (2:59:57). ALL AT TISSINGTON TRAIL.

Mar: Steve Denniss (3:19:51); Paul Lawrence (4:18:46); Dan Williams (4:30:48), Caroline Copeland (4:41:54), Sarah Longfield (5:54:33) - Yorkshire.


Course Best:

5k - Glenn Cracknell (20:40), Tyler Starks (22:59), Ian Richardson (18:31), Andrew Nuut (24:56), Dave Cooper (25:36), Michael Higgitt (27:25), Paul Gallagher (28:21), Sue Knowles (28:25) - Nostell parkrun


Prizes: We carried away the Male and Female Team Prizes, Becci Winter 1st Female, Ian Richardson 2nd Male plus one or two age category places at Tissington.


Autumn Handicap 1 September 2016

Age Performance Awards

(Posted 8 Oct)

Edwinstowe 10k (Posted 26 Sep)

The extra 75 places all gone. Arrangements for the Xmas Lunch afterwards will be posted shortly. 80 places available at the tables. Lesley Needham organising

Winter Handicap (10m) 8 January (Posted 26 Sep)

Get this in your diary before you inadvertently enter another event!  A free 10m run to get your year off to a great start. For newer runners there will be a 5m option, We will again be starting and finishing at Nostell Priory. Trophies and the first Grand Prix points of 2017 at stake.

Peco Cross Country Dates

(Posted 26 Sep)

The first event of the 2016/17 season is on 27 November at Temple Newsam. This does however clash with the Barnsley 10k - a Grand Prix event. There is nothing we can do about this so its down to individual choice. Other dates are 18 December, 22 January, 19 February and 5th March.

Series race dates have now been confirmed. The first is on 27th November which unfortunately coincides with the Barnsley 10k - a GP event. Nothing we can do - down to individual choice. Other dates are 18 December, 22 January, 19 February and 5th March.

Grand Prix Tables

(Posted 15 Oct)

Grand Prix Scores:

(Posted 5 Oct)

You can now check out your GP event scores for all leagues - check out the GP page for links.

Age performance Awards page amended and will update automatically following weekly results (may be a slight delay after busy weekends!). 80 members have now qualified for an award and this will increase following the large turnout at Tissington. Click HERE

I managed the Autumn 100 miler with my good friends at Centurion Running in 22:40:55 over the weekend.


Conditions on the Thames Path and Ridgeway were about as good as they could be which made for lots of fast times out on the course. I stayed steady for the first leg of 38.5km and think that helped me on the second leg, via Grimm's Dyke on the Ridgeway. Leg 3, from Streatley up to Bury Down and Chain Hill was run at night under the full moon and a brilliant clear sky, again encouraging conditions for another good split. I can't complain at just under 9 hours for 49 miles and just under 15 hours for 74 miles.


Leg 4 saw it all fall apart a little as tiredness descended and I used running poles to try for added momentum. 7 hours 40 minutes for the last 26 miles sums up how slow I was by then, not helped by some persistent rain between 6:00am and 7:30am.


12 minutes, 58 seconds ahead of my previous best time for the 100. Happy days.


Well done Simon - if you want to submit a race report - please do so - can't promise to publish all or in full but always good to hear what others are doing.


Simon Bennett's Run Report

(Posted 18 Oct)