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Wetherby 10k: 8 Sep



Latest Race Activity

18 Mar

parkruns -  

  • Nostell [42]

  • Pontefract [20]

  • Wakefield [3]

  • South Manchester [1]

  • Concorde [1]

  • Sewerby [2]

  • Goole [1]

  • Fell Foot [1]


19 Mar

  • East Hull 20 [19]

  • Thirsk 10 [9}

  • Brooks Fleet Half [1]

  • Windmill 6 [2]

  • Bradford 10k [2]

  • Gin Pit Marathon [1]


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The first event of the 2016/17 season is on 27 November at Temple Newsam. This does however clash with the Barnsley 10k - a Grand Prix event. There is nothing we can do about this so its down to individual choice. Other dates are 18 December, 22 January, 19 February and 5th March.

Ackworth Half Marathon 17 April

(Posted 5 Feb)

We are pleased to announce that our event has again been chosen by the  Yorkshire Vets AA as their Half Marathon Championship 2017. Vet Members entering the race will be included in the Championship - trophies in all Vets categories


Entries have now opened  - online only - through Racebest. Click Here




Annual General Meeting: 23rd Feb

(Posted 27 Feb)

Minutes of Meeting


This year we just about managed to balance the number of chip butties to the number of attendees - an AGM record! Great to see a good mix of older and newer members.

The number of committee members has been increased to reflect the size of the club. Welcome on board to Ruth Walker (who has taken on the role of Ladies Captain),  Ian Richardson, Georgi newton and Helen Wainwright.

A proposal to increase club subscription for seniors and concessionary members by £3 from 1 January 2018 was carried.

At the end of the formal meeting, Jeff Denton and Pat Wood outlined the progress already made with Nostell Juniors and their options for the future with one option being to come under the Ackworth Road Runners 'umbrella'. This will be discussed in more detail with the Club's committee.

Comment was also made concerning the introduction of an additional League 5 for the Grand Prix. This will be looked at by committee.


Race Number Swapping

(Posted 8 Feb)

The Club is aware that when members are unable to compete in a race they have entered for whatever reason, numbers have sometimes been offered for sale or transfer on social media.

Running a race using somebody else's number without informing the organiser is strictly prohibited. Members should only swap numbers with the prior consent of the race organiser.

While some events allow transfers, many expressly prohibit them. There have been recent examples of event organisers identifying swapped numbers via social media sites and making subsequent disqualifications.

Running in somebody else's name, apart from being against the rules, damages the integrity of the results, can affect team results and age category winners and have health and safety implications in the event of an accident.  If a runner collapsed wearing someone else’s number, the organisers would not be able to identify that runner and contact their next of kin.

Any member known to run in another runner's number may be subject to race sanctions. You could also be banned from taking part in other races. If you are in breach of the laws relating to number swapping or indeed any other in the rulebook, the race organiser can report you to England Athletics.

Athletes who run in transferred numbers in licensed road races without permission can be disqualified. Both they and those who pass on the number can be subject to disciplinary action via the appropriate national organisation.

If you have entered an event but can’t compete for whatever reason:

•Check with the race organisers to see if they will legally transfer your number to another athlete (some may charge a small administrative cost).


•If the event prohibits transfers, then members should abide by the rules and not offer their numbers for sale or transfer.


The Club reserves the right to remove any post on the ARR Facebook page offering numbers for sale or transfer for events where this is not permitted.

Yorkshire Vets XC Championships

4 Mar

(Posted 8 Mar)


At last night's Committee Meeting it was agreed that Grand Prix event points would not be awarded where members had run using someone else's race number. 


Spring Handicap Wednesday 29 Mar

(Posted 20 Feb)

Our annual quick trip along the M62 to our friends at Goole Viking Striders has now been confirmed. It's the first week of the lighter evenings - a chance to celebrate the inset of Spring.

Its a flat course -and the distance is within everyone's capability. Put the date in your diary - more info as we get nearer the day.

Peco XC Relays

(Posted 13 Mar)


Our Ladies Team  - Terry Mottram, Janet Illingworth, Ruth Walker, Denise Clark and Gail Wrangles.


Great team effort with the ladies finishing 6th in the V35-45 category (first 3 to count) and 2nd in the V35-45 category (5 to count).


There is an excellent race calendar by the YVAA throughout the year forming a Grand Prix series plus championship races (Spen 20m and Ackworth Half as examples). You are a male vet at 35 for these events - slightly younger 33-34 year olds can run as guests.

Check out the YVAA web site HERE

The final event for this season was the team relays fixture against the West Yorkshire Winter League. Rachel Cooke was our sole representative having been selected for the Peco F50 team following a really good season. The event was held at Halifax with a very hilly, technical and muddy course. All the Peco teams beat their respective WYWL teams. Rachel says "it was lovely weather in a beautiful spot and no queue for the ladies loos". Well done Rachel.

Peco XC Season Results

(Posted 13 Mar)

The support from lady members has been fantastic all season, however they did finish last in the very competitive Premier League. Promotion push next season! Better news for the Ladies Vets team which finished 7th of 11 in the Vets Premier League.

The men were 4th in Division 2 but showed their potential with a top spot finish in race 3. In the Vets First Division our guys were in 3rd place.

With excellent support all season we were able to score in the B team tables, the men finishing 13th and the ladies 10th.


In the individual tables Gail Wrangles was 4th in the F45 category whilst Rachel Cooke was 5th and Denise Clarke 6th in the F50 category. Gail Tombs was 5th in the F60 category.


Charlie Lines was 1st in the M55 category (38th overall)


Brilliant effort by Alice Copeland to finish 3rd in the Junior year 10-12 Girls category.

Askern 10k Wednesday 17 May

(Posted 16 Mar)

After some doubt, this year's event is to go ahead, however the race limit is being reduced with the result that it is likely to be over-subscribed and fill quickly.

Entries will open at Midnight on Friday 17 March) through Bookitzone.

Last year we had 86 finishers and would expect demand to be even higher this year. Its a great event and an excellent pb/yb course as well as a Grand Prix event.

If you want to enter do so as quickly as possible as it could well sell out very quickly.


Monsal Trail Half 26 Mar

(Posted 22 Mar)

The coach will depart from the Beverley Arms at 7:15 - remember the clocks will have gone forward! We will set off back around 1:30 - 2:00pm. Numbers will be distributed on the coach or taken to the start for those making their own way.